Controller for Droid Depot Units

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About this app

The intention of this app is to provide extra fun with your Unit without needing to have advanced skills or modify it.

All the magic this app creates is possible through a wireless bluetooth connection.

The "C4-DDU: Controller for Droid Depot Units" app creates a set of custom bluetooth commands with every action you do, those commands are captured and interpreted by your Unit, which then converts them into a direct action which it executes.

See how our app works.

General Information

Our app try to bring you the best experiences you can have with your Unit.

Ideas and concepts

Careful attention to detail and clean, well structured code ensures a smooth user experience with the Unit.

Optimised for speed

A.I. is used to manage all commands and turn them into a quick action to give the best experience to the user.

Designs & interfaces

Carefully paired all features into different tabs to help the user stay focused on what is happening at runtime.

Controller Section

Capture everything related with external keyboards or game controllers you might use to control your Unit.

Sound Profiles

Capture all group sounds and functionalities for better control over them.

Keep Alive

Every 5 minutes of inactivity, Unit falls into a sleep mode. This tab groups all features that keep your Unit alive.

Voice Commands

Group all functionalities realted with voice and language commands.

Party Assistant

Animate the party with this exclusive functionalities.


Our app brings several magical features to control your Unit in different ways.

Unit's Search

Detect and show a list with all the units you can connect to.


Allows you to control the Units using a keyboard or a game controller.

Sound Profiles

Every unit and personality chip contains 12 groups of different emotion's sounds. You can explore the sounds within every group by just clicking each group.

Keep Alive

With 13 exclusive animations executed every 4 minutes (by default), the app prevents the unit from falling into sleep mode.


Allows the unit to react to park locations, units, or personality chip beacons from the comfort of your home. Now with access to new unknown and hidden beacons.

Voice Commands

Can vary depending on the connected unit. With approximately 18 voice commands per unit, this allows users to explore new complex animations, reactions, and auto-generated new sounds.

Singing Feature

Make the unit sing 2 songs per unit or per personality chip. With 4 units (R2-D2, BB-8, C1-10P, and CB23) and 6 personality chips (Blue, Orange, Gray, Purple, Red, and Black) this option offers a total of 20 different songs.

Party Assistant

A modality to make your unit flash its lights, move its head, or make it dance along to the rhythm of the music.


With customized options in the settings section, you gain access to additional features we encourage you to explore.

The App

Screen Information


Do not forget to visit the Help section within the app after every update. There could be added or updated important information on it.

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Keep Alive, CB-23 singing and dancing with BB-8 unit.

Voice Recognition

Control the unit with your voice.

Connect & Dance

Unit connection and dacing configuration.

Naming & Connections

How connect and customize unit and profile names.

Exploring Personality Chip

Yellow Personality Chip Sounds.

Dancing with R2

R2 dancing with music played from Spotify.